Men’s Clothing Photography

Looking for the best men’s clothing photography studio? When you need to boost sales of your men’s clothing business, the importance of investing in the best of men’s clothing photography cannot be overemphasized.

As per a recent study, 83 percent of smartphone users in the US said product images were “extremely” influential in shaping their purchase decisions.

At, we know that exceptional men’s clothing photography goes beyond just lights, angles, and cameras. has emerged as a preferred destination for men’s clothing photography, backed by over two decades of experience, a high degree of professionalism, and unmatched creative skills. Ever since our inception in 2005, our talented photographers have worked closely with thousands of clients with varying backgrounds and expectations. 

Our ideal location is just minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. We boast a sprawling state-of-the-art 4,500 sq ft men’s clothing photography studio, giving us a distinct competitive edge.

As a full-service product photography studio, we have diverse experience in handling a wide range of services, from fashion accessory photography, women’s clothing photography, photography of apparel, handbags, jewelry, shoes, to any other product that our clients want captured in style.

Ghost mannequin technique

In recent times, the breakthrough technology of ghost mannequin photography or ‘invisible’ photography is trending across e-commerce platforms as well as product brochures, advertising pamphlets, catalogs, and magazines. While it is a  popular technique, it is difficult to achieve with precision. 

At, we have mastered the Ghost Mannequin photography technique also called “Invisible Mannequin.” Our skilled technicians erase all traces of mannequins from your photographs but ensure the images retain 3D life-like quality. 

Flat clothing technique

We also are experts at Flat Clothing Photography, where we dress the garment in a completely flat manner. We can customize your garment photos as per your expectations, using uniform or directional lighting to add depth and emphasize texture. Our skilled men’s clothing photography photographers have styled thousands of garments and know how to flatter these photographs.

Our spacious commercial men’s clothing photography studio in Los Angeles features multiple tabletop photography stations, which enable your product to stand out in the best angle and light possible.


At, we have a keen understanding of the fact that the “devil is in the details.” With extensive experience in photography of a wide range of products, our highly creative photographers are well-versed in paying attention to every detail in terms of angle, style, accessories and lighting to bring about the best possible outcome.

We have developed a streamlined process for men’s clothing photography to give our clients the most pleasing and stunning results, every time.

  • Steaming & Prepping – The first step when we receive our client’s clothing is to hang them up and steam them using a J-4000 Jiffy ® Steamer. We work diligently to remove any lint, re-tie bows, etc. to bring out the best in your clothing.
  • Styling & Lighting – One of the reasons why our happy clients choose us for men’s clothing photography is because we have perfected both the art and science of photography. Our skilled specialists ensure the garment is dressed in an optimal way on the mannequin to highlight its features. Under strictly-controlled conditions, our creative team of photographers work their magic behind the lens to put the spotlight on the apparel.
  • Post-production – All the images then go through a rigorous post-production touchup. Post-production is a detailed process where our technicians edit the background, remove any flaws and match the individual garment to its image to ensure color accuracy. The process is complete when we upload them in our client directory for you to review the finished result.

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