Women’s Clothing Photography

Women’s Clothing Photography

Who We Are

Professional fashion photography has over the years produced some of the most unique and creatively brilliant content the world has ever known. So, yes, the contributions of quality fashion photography, in women’s clothing and accessories industries, is significant. 

Founded in 2005 and very close to the bustling hub of downtown Los Angeles, at ClothingPhotography.com, women’s clothing photography is an art. 

We undertake projects of all kinds. Our expansive studio is spread across 4,500 square foot of space and is generously equipped with state-of-the-art technology to manage multiple projects regardless of their nature and size.

Our focus is rooted in revealing the attitudes and aspirations of women because, through our work, we create the vision of a certain lifestyle.

We excel at it because it is our passion. 

What We Do

At ClothingPhotography.com, we are a full-service professional photography studio. 

Aside from women’s clothing photography, we also specialize in children’s clothing and fashion accessory photography; from handbags and jewelry to shoes and hats, we undertake it all. And we always conceptualize the shoot first because it makes a difference. We feel that no one does it better.

Our services are an amalgamation of highly skilled photographers, the best expertise, the latest equipment, and many years of experience across various industries and platforms. 

Over the years, we have shot hundreds of thousands of women’s apparel and accessory photos for our large client base, and we deliver highly professional and cost-effective solutions, which is why our clients love us.

Our Products 

At ClothingPhotography.com, we pay meticulous attention to the finer details, so we are finicky about using all-white backgrounds. From tops, dresses, and trousers to formal attire, undergarments, and swimwear, we specialize in bringing women’s clothes to life in the most beautiful way possible.

Our extensive clothing photography portfolio includes but is not limited to:

Flat Clothing Photography

With this versatile flat lay photography style, we produce highly customized women’s clothing photography solutions taking into cognizance your specific requirements. 

So, whether you want the clothes styled flat, relaxed, or wavy, we deliver fantastic results. Plus, with great lighting solutions from uniform to directional lighting options, we will add layers of depth to the garments so that the texture of the clothing is clearly visible, which, in turn, makes them look highly appealing to the viewer.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Also known as “Invisible Mannequin,” this women’s clothing photography style employs a 3D look and is increasingly growing in popularity. Since it is a relatively new process, it requires years of experience to get it right. 

Often used by brands and retailers, this highly effective technique involves taking several shots of a women’s garment on a mannequin, which is then removed in the post-production process. As a result, this creates an impressive life-like image without any distractions, so it provides the viewer with the opportunity to visualize how the product will look on her. 

Clothing Accessory Photography

In the highly competitive e-commerce terrain that exists today, our photographs are a class apart. 

We go beyond meeting that certain level of quality that customers have come to expect from brands. To facilitate this, we have a separate team of highly experienced product photographers to create just the look you want.

With multiple stations at their disposal, our highly sought after photographers capture stunning images of products, from casual wear, business wear, footwear, scarves, and jewelry to watches, gloves, bags, and a whole lot more.

Our Process

With our finger on the pulse of what works, our women’s clothing photography solutions at ClothingPhotography.com are unrivaled. Here is the step-by-step procedure we follow for all women’s garments:

  • Steaming and Prepping – to ensure the apparel looks its absolute best.
  • Styling and Lighting – requires years of experience. We work under extremely controlled conditions to do justice to the colors and features of each garment.
  • Post Production – includes editing to eliminate any unwanted elements that detract from the overall quality. Plus, our calibrated monitors ensure we adhere to the color accuracy of the apparel, thereby delivering very visually appealing results.
  • Deliver the finished product – to our client directory for your review.

Garments have unique features. At ClothingPhotography.com, we have the expertise and experience to highlight the right features, which is why our women’s clothing photography is some of the best. 

In addition to giving you a beautiful finished product, we also help sell your brand because our photography solutions will drive more customers to your virtual doorstep. 

We help you scale that ladder of success – that much faster.