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Getting professional and affordable apparel photos from a clothing photography studio is no longer difficult.  Just select a styling option and leave the rest to us!  We’ve been providing professional clothing product photography to apparel clients from our studio in Pasadena – just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles – since 2005

ghost mannequin photography


While the popularity of this style of clothing photography has increased dramatically in recent years, you’ll find that the majority of clothing photography studios do a less-than-perfect job of creating the effect. We pride ourselves on creating ghost mannequin photos that don’t look Photoshopped.


Without a body or mannequin inside, it’s very easy for flat clothing to look over-sized and unappealing. That’s where our years of experience come into play. Our skilled flat lay clothing photographers have each styled many thousands of pieces of clothing and know just how to make every item look its best.

Remember, “flat” is the first part of “flattering”.

flat clothing photography
clothing accessory photography


If your brand includes fashion accessories, no problem! Our clothing photography studio also has highly-skilled product photographers and multiple tabletop photography stations to provide you with excellent photos of your entire line.

If your company sells mostly products, check out our product photography division at Upgraded Images Product Photography Studio.

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Clothing Photography Services