Flat Lay Clothing Photography

The Flat Lay Clothing styling option provides the biggest opportunity for us to customize your clothing photos to your liking. Clothing with this option can be styled completely flat or “relaxed” and wavy. Lighting can be uniform to evenly light each piece or directional to add depth and emphasize texture. 

Without a body or mannequin inside, it’s very easy for flat lay clothing photos to look over-sized and unappealing. That’s where our years of experience come into play. Our skilled clothing photographers have each styled thousands of pieces of clothing and know how to make every item look its best. Remember, “flat” is the first part of “flattering”! 

We understand the importance of digital imagery for your fashion business and take pride in delivering exceptional photos with accurate colors, sharp details, and quick turnaround time. Our flat lay clothing photography studio is located a mere 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and has been providing our clients with superior quality services since 2005.

Our experienced team of professionals use cutting-edge technology to create eye-catching images that accurately reflect the design of each individual item. We also specialize in flat lay styling that allows us to capture every detail of your garments so they can be shared with potential customers on various digital platforms.

Our state-of-the-art studio comes equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your clothing items are photographed in the best possible light. We use advanced software to color correct each image and guarantee a perfect representation on any display device – from computer screens to mobile devices. Additionally, we employ strict safety protocols to protect all merchandise during photo sessions, so you can trust us with even the most delicate fabrics or intricate designs.

We know how important it is for businesses in the fashion industry to get their products out quickly and efficiently; this is why we work tirelessly to provide fast delivery times without compromising on quality. Our goal is to help you create stunning visuals that will showcase your garments in an attractive way while maintaining accuracy in colors and details.


Primary Photos – $23/photo

A “Primary Photo” simply means the first or main photo for each item and is usually a photo of the front of the item.

Alternate-Angle Photos – $19/photo

If you want more than just a Primary Photo for a particular piece of clothing, you can also request Alternate-Angle Photos such as a photo of the back and the side of the item.

Detail Close-Up Photos – $8/photo

If you really want to draw attention to a design element such as buttons, stitching or fabric design, a Detail Close-Up Photo will do the trick.

Rush Service – $10/photo

Selecting this option gets your photos to you within two business days and is based on availability. Check with us first to make sure that rush service is available.

Clipping Paths - $3/photo

In the simplest terms, drawing a clipping path on your product images is like creating an invisible “cookie cutter” right around the edges of the item being photographed and will allow your designer to place your images against any background color or image.

Outfit and Group Shots - Quote Required

We try our hardest to avoid charging extra for photos, but if a single photo requires us to steam and style multiple items together then we may request an additional fee.  We will always get your approval first.  

Getting Professional And Affordable Apparel Photos From A Clothing Photography Studio Is No Longer Difficult. Just Pick A Styling Option And Leave The Rest To Us.