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If you’re not already familiar with our clothing photography pricing, here’s a quick summary.

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If your main offering is clothing accessories or products rather than clothing, please visit our product photography website.

Rush Service: Selecting this option gets your photos to you within two business days and is based on availability. Check with us first to make sure that rush service is available. ($10/photo)

Clipping Paths: In the simplest terms, drawing a clipping path on your product images is like creating an invisible “cookie cutter” right around the edges of the item being photographed and will allow your designer to place your images against any background color or image. ($3/photo)

Detail Close-up: A Detail Close-Up photo can be used to highlight smaller features such as buttons, stitching or fabric design. ($8/photo)

Style Numbers/Color Codes in Filenames: Make sure that the style #s and color codes are physically affixed to each piece.  There is no extra charge for this service.

If you'd like to attach any files (images, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.), go right ahead. If you prefer, you can just reply to your confirmation email with any attachments.