Swimwear Photography

Swimwear poses a unique set of challenges for both flat lay and ghost mannequin photography. Swimwear and bikinis often have multiple, elastic straps that are difficult to style without a body inside them. That’s where our years of experience come into play. Our skilled clothing photographers have styled thousands of pieces of swimwear and know how to make every item look its best.


Studio swimsuit photography shoots are always exciting; not just for the glamour they involve, but how creatively the apparel can be captured. From the clothing photographer’s expertise to versatile styling options and a host of lighting solutions, they all come together to create that perfect setting, which, in turn, delivers beautiful results.

Who We Are

Founded in 2005 and situated a stone’s throw away from the heart of downtown Los Angeles, at ClothingPhotography.com, we specialize in an extensive range of photography solutions, not the least of which is swimwear.

While studio swimsuit photography includes shooting swimwear for print media, e-commerce, and other platforms, we also specialize in capturing the overall essence of the campaign.

Our comprehensive swimwear photography studio is spread across 4,500 square feet of space and is generously equipped to take on projects of any size.

Regardless of which specific type of swimwear photoshoot you require, we will take into cognizance your requirements to ensure we deliver unique and stunning results. That is why we are one of L.A.’s leading swimwear photography studios – we go the extra mile.

What We Do

Besides studio bathing suit/swimsuit photography, we also specialize in photographing an extensive range of adult and kids’ apparel, footwear, fashion accessories like jewelry and handbags, and a whole lot more. You can learn more about our women’s clothing photography services here, and our kids’ clothing photography here.

Through the years, we have captured hundreds of thousands of unrivaled images for our very extensive client base, across a plethora of industries. However, our focus isn’t just rooted in providing our clients with beautiful results.

While we do employ state-of-the-art equipment and have a team of highly skilled and dedicated clothing photographers, thanks to our years of experience, we also deliver affordable studio swimwear photography solutions so that our clients don’t have to break the bank.

Our Swimwear Photography Options & Styles

 At ClothingPhotgraphy.com, we are fanatical about providing our clients with nothing less than the best swimwear images. Since we want nothing to detract from the beauty of the garments, at our swimwear photography studio in Los Angeles, we employ all-white backgrounds during our photoshoots.

Our studio swimsuit photography techniques include the following options:

  • Flat Clothing Photography: 

While photographing swimwear in a flat lay style provides one with sufficient room for creativity, this very versatile technique also requires some technical styling ability as well. That is why it’s vital to have highly skilled photographers work with the best studio lighting options so that they deliver fantastic images.

At ClothingPhotography.com, we provide you with a range of styling options, including wavy, flat, or relaxed. With our fantastic lighting techniques that range from directional to uniform, we can infuse layers of depth into the garments, which, in turn, does the fabric justice and enhances the swimwear’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Ghost Mannequin Photography:

 Commonly referred to as “Invisible Mannequin,” this studio swimsuit photography technique involves removing the mannequin during the post-production phase. In turn, the images are enhanced with a 3D look, minus any distractions, leaving the viewer to imagine how the swimsuit or bikini will look on them.

Since this technique is exceptionally effective, it is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of photographing swimwear for brands and retailers alike. Integral to the success of the photo shoot, though, is that highly skilled photographers are involved in the process. And at ClothingPhotography.com, our photographers are some of the best in the business.

Learn more about our ghost mannequin photography service here.

Our Studio Swimsuit Photography Process

At ClothingPhotography.com, we aim to think of everything, and that makes it so much easier for our clients. It’s just another reason we are a preferred swimwear photography studio in L.A.

Prior to being shot, each garment of swimwear goes through a meticulous, cost-effective process to ensure we capture only the best images.

  • Steaming and Prepping
  • Styling and Ironing
  • Post-production Touch-ups

After we are thoroughly satisfied with the end result, the final images are uploaded into our client directory for your review.

We invest our time and energy into providing our clients with nothing but the best studio swimsuit photography solutions. In a highly competitive space, if you want your swimwear garments and accessories to stand apart, get in touch with us today.

Your brand deserves nothing but the best!

Getting Professional And Affordable Apparel Photos From A Clothing Photography Studio Is No Longer Difficult. Just Pick A Styling Option And Leave The Rest To Us.