Ghost Mannequin Photography

What is Ghost Mannequin and Invisible Mannequin Photography?

As a groundbreaking image enhancing technique, the introduction of Ghost Mannequin Photography, also referred to as Invisible Mannequin Photography, revolutionized the way the apparel industry was able to represent their clothing lines.

Now used by nearly all of the biggest brands on the market, ghost mannequin photography lends products a 3D hollow man effect without the ungainly mannequin. It helps bring clothes to life and can be employed across various platforms.

E-commerce brands typically use models to display clothing so that consumers get a better understanding of how it “wears”. But this is a time-consuming and expensive process. When customers see flat images of clothes online, they may have trouble visualizing the true shape of the garment as it would appear on a body. Enter Invisible Mannequin Photography.

Our Ghost Mannequin Photography Services

Located 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles in sunny Pasadena, California, our ghost mannequin photography studio services clients around the world and is exceptionally equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Invisible mannequin photography forms a big part of what we do, and this is how we do it.

Initially, the garment is dressed on the mannequin in a way that shows off its best features. By erasing the original mannequin during the photo editing process, it helps create an appearance of how the garment will look when being worn.

However, ghost mannequin photography isn’t as simple as it sounds. It involves vital steps that deliver the best results. These include steaming and styling the clothing, merging multiple images, altering the background, and ensuring that colors are accurately represented.

Why Our Services are Useful

Invisible Mannequin Photography is a very popular method of showcasing clothes across various platforms from your own e-commerce site and Amazon, to product brochures, advertising pamphlets, catalogs and magazines. So if you want to drive up the sales of your brand, increase engagement levels and enhance conversion rates, you should definitely consider using this styling option. We undertake an array of other photography services at our ghost mannequin photography studio as well.

Our Services

  • Ghost Mannequin Photography – In order to entice consumers to purchase your products, your e-commerce website must include clothing images that have an appealing life-like quality about them
  • Flat Clothing Photography – With this versatile styling option, we can dress the garment in a completely flat manner or in a way that looks more realistic depending on our client’s requirements.
  • Clothing Accessory Photography – We love working with accessories too! Our commercial photography studio includes multiple tabletop photography stations that show the product in the best light and the best angle.

Our Process & How We Do It

At ClothingPhotography.com our highly experienced team of clothing photographers pay meticulous attention to detail during our ghost mannequin photography service.

When we receive our clients’ products, they go through an extensive process from start to finish.

  • Steaming & Prepping – As soon as the clothing is received, each piece is hung up and steamed with a J-4000 Jiffy ® Steamer. We diligently remove any lint, re-tie bows, and make each product look its best.
  • Styling & Lighting – Photography is art. The garment has to be dressed in a particular way on the mannequin that would best highlight its features. Under extremely controlled conditions, our highly skilled team of photographers work their part behind the lens to portray each piece in the best light.
  • Post-production – Regardless of whether we employ our invisible mannequin photography service, all our images go through a rigorous post-production touchup. The background is edited, flaws are removed, and each individual garment is matched to its image to ensure color accuracy. To complete the process, we name the photos according to your specifications and upload them in our client directory for you to review the finished result.

What Sets Us Apart

With a well-equipped ghost mannequin photography studio covering 4,500 square feet, we work closely with our clients and take into account their individual requirements. And they love us for it!

With years of experience photographing hundreds of thousands of products and an extensive client base that spans countries, we gift you an opportunity to expand your business exponentially.

The Importance of Beautiful Clothing Photographs

For apparel businesses, one of the most essential aspects of driving sales upwards is the ability to display the products in a way that will do them justice.

Weebly.com conducted a study of e-commerce shoppers in the age group 16 to 55 years. Over 75% of them said that product images influence their buying decision. Additionally, did you know that people form their first impression within 50 milliseconds?

By capturing consumer attention, enhancing engagement levels, and increasing conversion rates and retention, you will be able to expand your consumer base and grow your business successfully.

Ours is a visual world. We display your clothes in the best light. Literally.S

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